Top 25 High School Football team Rankings in 2024

Top 25 High school football rankings are full of outstanding athletes that highlight the abilities of many talented players from around the country. The top 10 players, along with their rankings, hometowns, colleges, and ratings based on the 247Sports Composite and On3 IndustryOn3 Ranking, Here are the top 25 high school football players along with the colleges to which they have committed or have signed.

Top 25 High School Football Rankings

1. Georgia: 317.05 points

  • The University of Georgia’s football team stands at the top of the rankings with an impressive 317.05 points 2.

2. Alabama: 310.75 points

  • The University of Alabama secures the second spot with 310.75 points 2.

3. Oregon: 293.22 points

  • The University of Oregon’s football team holds the third position in the rankings, boasting 293.22 points 2.

4. Miami (Fla.): 291.54 points

  • The University of Miami’s football team is ranked fourth with 291.54 points 2.

5. Ohio State: 289.13 points

  • The Ohio State University’s football team secures the fifth position with 289.13 points 2

Top 10 player OF 25 High School Football Rankings

  1. Jeremiah Smith
    • Position: Wide Receiver
    • Hometown: Hollywood, FL
    • School: Chaminade-Madonna Prep
    • Rating: 0.9997
  2. Ellis Robinson IV
    • Position: Cornerback
    • Hometown: Bradenton, FL
    • School: IMG Academy
    • Rating: 0.9994
  3. Cam Coleman
    • Position: Wide Receiver
    • Hometown: Phenix City, AL
    • School: Central
    • Rating: 0.9985
  4. Ryan Williams
    • Position: Wide Receiver
    • Hometown: Saraland, AL
    • School: Saraland
    • Rating: 0.9982
  5. Justin Williams
    • Position: Linebacker
    • Hometown: Conroe, TX
    • School: Oak Ridge
    • Rating: 0.9969
  6. Julian Sayin
    • Position: Quarterback
    • Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
    • School: Carlsbad
    • Rating: 0.9966
  7. DJ Lagway
    • Position: Quarterback
    • Hometown: Willis, TX
    • School: Willis
    • Rating: 0.9964
  8. Williams Nwaneri
    • Position: Defensive Line
    • Hometown: Lees Summit, MO
    • School: Lee’s Summit North
    • Rating: 0.9960
  9. David Stone
    • Position: Defensive Line
    • Hometown: Bradenton, FL
    • School: IMG Academy
    • Rating: 0.9952
  10. Justin Scott
    • Position: Defensive Line
    • Hometown: Chicago, IL
    • School: St. Ignatius
    • Rating: 0.9945

These rankings demonstrate both the competitiveness of the individual college football programs and the extraordinary talent and hard work of the high school football players. As they get ready to welcome these gifted recruits and carry on their legacy of greatness on the pitch, these teams are experiencing an exciting period.

Refer to the original article on USA TODAY High School Sports 2 for more information and a full list of the top 25 high school football teams.

As these teams and recruits establish themselves in the college football landscape, stay tuned for additional updates.

How to watch High school football online

To watch high school football online, you can consider the following options:

1. NFHS Network

  • Football and other high school sports are available for streaming on the well-known NFHS Network.
  • Go to the NFHS Network website and type in the name of the high school or match you want to watch.
  • Certain content may require a subscription to access it.

2. Local News Websites

  • High school football games are frequently streamed live on local news websites and television networks, particularly during playoff and championship games.
  • For live-streaming possibilities, visit the websites or social media accounts of your local news stations.

3. School or Team Websites

  • Certain high schools stream their football games live on their websites.
  • For details on live-streaming alternatives, visit the high school’s official website or get in touch with the athletic department.

4. Social Media Platforms

  • It’s possible to watch live high school football games on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • For any possible live-streaming announcements, follow the high school or local sports organization’s official accounts.

5. Streaming Services

  • High school football games may be available on several streaming platforms as part of their sports packages.
  • See whether there is any high school football content accessible on well-known sports streaming services.

Keep in mind that depending on your area, the restrictions of the school, and the broadcasting rights, the availability of high school football games for internet streaming may change. For reliable and up-to-date information on how to watch high school football online, it’s best to check with the individual high school or organizers.


1. What is the top 25 High School football teams?

Ans: Lists of high school football teams are ranked according to a variety of factors, including performance, game outcomes, and other factors. An overview of the best high school football teams in a certain area, state, or country may be found in these rankings.

2. How are the rankings of top 25 High school football teams established?

Ans: Rankings of high school football teams are often established using a combination of mathematical methods and professional judgment. 

Expert judgments could take into account the strength of the schedule, team records, and game results, while mathematical algorithms frequently give points to various facets of a team’s performance.

3. Which primary resources are used to compile rankings of high school football teams?

Ans: Principal resources for rankings of high school football teams are:

Football recruiting rankings for :

  • MaxPreps
  •  USA Today High School football
  • America’s High School Football Rankings

 4. What are the advantages of having rankings for high school football teams?

Ans: Rankings of high school football teams offer teams, players, supporters, and college recruiters useful information. They give spectators insight into the competitive environment, help college recruiters find elite talent, and let teams evaluate their performance in comparison to their rivals.

5. How frequently are the rankings of high school football teams updated?

Ans: Throughout the season, the rankings of high school football teams are typically changed once a week to account for team performances and recent game outcomes.

6. Do all classifications use the same rankings for high school football teams?

Ans: Indeed, divisions like 6A, 5A, and so on are frequently used to categorize high school football teams. While national rankings take into account all schools, some statewide rankings take into account all classes.

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